Rise is not a separate student ministry for middle schoolers. It is designed to compliment, not supplement the Wake Student Ministry. All Middle School and High School students will still be encouraged to attend and invite their friends to Wake on Wednesdays.

Rise is a Sunday morning middle school (6-8th grade) environment designed to disciple students and engage families that attend Stonecreek Church. Our goal is that Students would pursue life in Jesus as their greatest passion as they grow in a relationship with Him through the Wake Student Ministry.

Rise takes place on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 and will consist of creative, grade specific, discussion based—Bible Study. Rise will also have fun elements to help engage the students with the Gospel in creative ways. Each group will consist of 2 adult leaders and 2-4
upperclassmen-high school leaders to help facilitate and engage in conversation about Jesus.

Please contact our associate director of students, Sean Curry below.

Email Sean